Photo of Ingrid GlennWho is Ingrid Glenn?

I am a Relationship and Personal Counsellor based in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. 25 years of professional and personal experience in the helping ministry allows me to provide counselling support for the whole person - including the psychological, social, physical and spiritual aspects.

My special interests include:

Qualifications & Experience

Initially trained as a General Nurse, I later followed a calling into Christian Ministry in The Salvation Army, working in Pastoral Ministry, Drug and Alcohol Recovery, and Chaplaincy in hospitals, law courts and social welfare centres.

Over this time I gained extensive experience helping those suffering from intellectual disabilities, mental illness, family dysfunction and breakdown, family violence, sexual abuse, and all types of addictive and self destructive behaviours, including substance abuse and self harm.

I also learned a lot about myself and my relationships. My personal growth inevitably led to the breakdown of my marriage, forcing me to leave Christian ministry. Because the church had provided for all our needs, we lost everything.

Starting from scratch with 3 children was tough, and having a child with ADHD didn't make it any easier! However, I eventually completed a degree in Pastoral Counselling and am now happily remarried.

Since then my husband and I have personally received great benefit from Healing Prayer Ministry and have both trained in this area through the Restoration Inner Healing Prayer Ministry Course.

My Philosophy of Counselling

The verse of Scripture quoted at the end of each page (John 8:32) encapsulates the basis of my counselling philosophy.

It is my experience that most of the emotional and behavioural troubles we experience are based in lies that we have come to believe about ourselves and others. These false beliefs may have been told to us by influential people in our childhood, or we may have developed them as a reaction to traumatic or unjust events in our lives.

Because these untruths are so often associated with painful memories, we avoid dealing with them, and they take control over our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We find ourselves endlessly struggling not to think, feel and behave the way we do.

I believe that counselling can provide a safe place where we can confront the lies, and the painful memories associated with them, and find the freedom and peace needed to fulfill our potential.

And on a more personal note...

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"You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32