Praying HandsWhat is Prayer Ministry?

We all know that many physical ailments can be corrected by making healthy changes to our diet, exercise regime and lifestyle. In the same way, many emotional and relationship issues can be resolved by making changes based on good counselling and emotional support.

However, occasionally it seems that no matter what changes we make, there are some things that we just can't control. In fact, there are times when it feels like the things we battle with the most almost have a life of their own and control us!

Often the roots of these symptoms go much deeper than we realise, perhaps extending back many generations, or resulting from some deep hurt that has long ago been blocked from conscious memory. It is correct to refer to these problems as spiritual, because they control and corrupt every part of our being and affect our relationships with others. Lifestyle change and counselling may give some relief, but life continues to be a constant struggle.

Spiritual problems need a spiritual solution

Spiritual problems need a spiritual solution and this is where prayer ministry can help.  When we admit our own powerlessness and seek God's help then he is only too willing to come to out aid. Using the ministry gifts that he has given to his children, he gently brings healing, restoration and freedom from the things that have controlled us.

We invite you to consider whether prayer ministry may be of help to your particular circumstances.  More information about prayer ministry locations, conferences and training programs can be found on the RESTORATION website.

"You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32